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Deck Railings

Decks Repair Chicago - Custom Wood Metal Deck Railings Chicago

Chicago Deck Railings


Do you provide deck railing installation?

Decks repair Chicago is specialized in the designing, fabrication, and installation of a wide variety of railings, including staircase railings, interior railings, outdoor railings. We have been designing and fabricating ornamental railings for all types of balconies, patios, decks or stairs. 

Do you offer custom designs for railings?

Our iron railings, modern stair railings, and outdoor stair railings are all designed, fabricated and installed to your specifications, and are made to match your stairs. When it comes to deck railings we have a wide range of options you can choose from. If you need help, our experts can guide you and help you choose the design and material that will best suit all your needs. We work with top brands in the industry and provide deck railing options system that use low-maintenance materials like metal railings, glass railings, cable composite or vinyl. Regardless of the design, you choose and the material you opt for, or the size of your project, we offer the same attention to details and high-quality service. Choosing us when it comes to your deck railings will give you the necessary peace of mind that once the railings are installed they will give you not only the look that you were hoping for your deck to have but also the safety that comes with them.

What type of railings o do you recommend for families?

Guard Aluminum railings and steel railings alike protect children, pets, and others from falling from a height. A balcony railing could also be considered a guard railing. Ramp Pipe railings are commonly installed as hand railings for ramp installations. We work with you to fulfill all your needs, your imagination and your design ideas. We use the best material and our team of experts will take care of the job and finish everything in no time, to the highest standards.

How do I choose the perfect railing for the deck?

The railing, not only adds safety to your deck, but it is also an important addition to the aesthetic of your deck and home. That is why, it is important, when choosing the design and materials for your deck railing, to take into consideration the architecture of your house and the design of the deck also. Taking these into consideration can actually narrow down your option when it comes to both the design and materials. You will want your deck, house, and failing to appear as a unified area. After all, the deck is an addition and continuation of your house, and the railings should totally complement that idea.

Do you offer railing maintenance services and free quotes?

Yes, we can come to your house, look at the deck and give you an estimate of the work that needs to be done.The railings maintenance process involves a few actions on your part, exactly like the deck maintenance. You need to make sure that you inspect the railings once a year, and if you find any loose boards of protruding nails that need repair make sure you contact us and we will take care of all the repairs for you. Since railings offer safety, especially for multi-level or roof-top decks, it is important to make sure that they are in perfect condition. Time and elements can affect the sturdiness of your railings and that is why our services are extended to railing maintenance. Since your well-being and the safety of your family are a top priority for us, we recommend you ask our professionals to help you in determining if you railings need any kind of repairs. You can call us and request a free estimate for all the maintenance and repair services your deck railing might need. One of our professional employees will come to your home and do a preliminary inspection to determine if the railings need any attention. If yes, we will discuss with you, in detail, what needs to be done and we will give you an estimate of the cost of the labor. Our estimates are 100% free, we will not ask you for any type of financial information and they come with no obligation on your part.

How long will it take to repair the railings?

It all depends on the state of the deck railings and the size of the project. Fixing everything to make sure your deck is once again safe to use can take from a couple of days to a few weeks, depending on the extent of the repairs needed, if there are any support beams that need to be replaced, how many boards have become loose and so on. But you don't have to worry about any of that. Once we make the preliminary inspection we will know for sure what we are dealing with and we can tell you how long it will take us to fix everything. Another important part when restoring deck railings is the way the repairs are done. Nobody wants a part of their deck fixed and not matching the rest of the deck in the end. That is why before starting the actual repair, we will clean the deck and the railings, and then we will match the color or the material so that when all repairs are done, you won't be able to tell which part was fixed and which was not. The attention to details, your safety, and providing top-quality services to all our clients, are just of few of our commitments, that helped us shape Decks Repair Chicago into a leading company on the Chicago market. For us, no project is too small or too big, no design is impossible to accomplish, no request is too difficult to comply with. Besides all that, with us, you can rest assured that your new deck railing will never look out of place, and, most important, you will have no issues in passing any city inspection. We follow the rules and regulations imposed by the city to the letter so that you won't have to worry about any code violation.