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Multi Level Decks & Porches Chicago

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Multi-Level Porches

Would you recommend multi-level porches and why?

If your building is suitable for multi-level porches, we highly recommend these. A multi-level porch can add to the architecture of your house and make it look even more beautiful than it already is. Besides that, if there are several rooms that can have access to a level of the porch, that will give you extra outdoor space which can never be a bad thing. Nad the cherry on top, is the view of your backyard that you never knew about. It is not the same view that you would have from a ground level deck for instance.

Do you offer multi-level porch services?

Decks Repair Chicago is specialized in multi-level porch construction. We will guide you through all the process of building your multilevel porch according to the City of Chicago regulations. We also apply for the permits and we take care of all the paperwork needed to get the work done. So choosing us as your company it has only advantages when it comes to multi-level porch design and installation. Our expert designers and architects will come to your home, do a preliminary inspection and decide if the building is suitable for a multi-level porch. If it is, the next step is to decide on the best design that fits the surroundings, the architecture and above all, your needs.

How do I choose the new multi-level porch design?

You are asking the right company. At Decks Repair Chicago we take pride in helping our clients get to the final design of their new multi-level decks. Based on your family needs, the surroundings and the architecture of your house, our specialized designers can give you ideas, show you previous projects we finalized, and discuss with you the materials you would like to use. All that can be inspiring and can help you in finding the perfect design for your multi-level porch. You can also find ideas online and talk to our team about how would you like your new porch to look like. No project or idea is to difficult for us to accomplish.

Do you have strong safety rules and regulations?                                      

Yes, especially when the project is for a family with children. Regardless of the complexity of the project, we will always secure the job site to make sure your kids do not have access to the construction area, especially while our staff is not present. Your safety is our biggest concern at any moment during the restoration or construction and after that. When it comes to restoration we also take into account the design and we make sure that our replacement work looks like it is part of the original structure and that is safe and secure for all your family to enjoy. Don’t hesitate to contact our specialist with any questions. We will be more than happy to help you create your dream porch and start enjoying the outdoors in no time.

How long will it take you to design and build a new multi-level porch?

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, it can take a few weeks once the design plan is in place and we have all the permits and approvals necessary to start working on building you that beautiful deck. As a new addition to your home, office or apartment building, any multi-level porch project needs to be treated with seriosity and attention to details, regardless of the placement. Contacting us is the right way to go about having a new multi-level porch. At Decks Repair Chicago we have a reputation for delivering high-quality results, using quality materials and working only with trained professionals to deliver each project in the shortest time possible.

Do I need to take care of the permits?

Any type of new construction, restoration or addition needs to be in compliance with the City of Chicago building norms, and for someone who is unfamiliar with this particular field, to get to the right department and fill out the right form to get the right permits and approvals can be time-consuming even after you have done all your research. That is why our staff at Decks Repair Chicago will take care of all the permits and get all the approvals we need to start your project. Moreover, we follow the guidelines and the norms imposed by the city to the letter so that you will not need to worry about any inspection once our work is done.

How can I get an estimate for a new deck design and construction?

You can either call us or access the "get an estimate" tab on our website. However, that would be a rough estimate. For a more accurate one, we will need to come and see the project place, surroundings, discuss with you the materials and primarily, make sure that a multi-level deck is suitable for your home or office building. Since you have so many designs to choose from, and countless mix and match possibilities, we are sure that we can find the deck design that best fits your needs. So do not hesitate to contact us with all your porch related questions and our professional staff will be more than happy to assist you with everything. With Decks Repair Chicago you and your family will be able to enjoy your new multi-level porch and the outdoors in no time. Make sure you give us a call today so that we can give you a free estimate as soon as possible. Do not just hire anyone to take care of your multi-level porch design and installation. With Decks Repair Chicago you eliminate any possible issues that might arise. You don't have to worry about your safety and well-being, about the upcoming inspection and neither about the durability of your multi-level porch. While we are the design and installation experts, we are also the maintenance experts. You can contact us with any questions you might have when it comes to multi-level porch maintenance and if there is something you cannot do, we are here to help.